Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Yeah, We're Dry!!

I must start with a resounding YEAH!!!!  The severe rain forecasted for our area missed us!  Maybe, just maybe, I can sleep tonight-at least a little?!  Last night once again ended with loud drips above my head and behind the couch I currently sleep on.  Poor Sweetie didn't know what to do.  She's generally timid, my poor little princess, but it's really sad when I'm no better when the clouds come over or I hear thunder in the distance.  Kylie, on the other hand, is cool with it.  Maybe if she had the water in her room from either rain leaks or sewer backing up, she'd be more frazzled.  It's times like this that I really wouldn't mind having a night in shining armor show up to save the day-or night!  As a single parent, we go through plenty with just a daily routine called life, none of us need these extra "bonus rounds"!  With all of life's "learning experiences" I've had to deal with, I should be a genius by now.  At least for the moment though, I will give great thanks for the dry ceiling and relish in the peace from outside-while it lasts!  More rain/storms are possible for the rest of the week-I'm so happy tomorrow's Wednesday!

While this is short, it's with good reason.  I wish you all a peaceful, sound sleep!!

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