Sunday, May 19, 2013

So Happy This Weekend Is OVER!!!

Every have one of those days?  Maybe, one like I had yesterday?  Well, today was yet another one of those!  It all started with no sleep whatsoever.  As you will see, I rarely sleep, but when I try to function with no sleep at all, especially as the days add up, life gets a bit more difficult.  Why no sleep you ask?  My ever increasingly wonderful neighbors decided to sit right by my window where I sleep, with a guest and drink and talk and yell all night.  They finally left at 5:15 am.  Why didn't I call the cops?  I firmly believe one of the distinct voices was that of my landlord.  He's a roller coaster ride in itself with his personality and I don't want to cause more trouble with him than necessary.  Next time-Super Soaker Time!  Anyway, back to this wonderful day of mine!  Somehow I managed to get Kylie to church without being too late for her nursery-duty.  Following an incredibly valiant attempt to stay awake through the service, I was a bit dazed and just floated through the rest of the morning as we went to get gas then lunch.  My day was quite full already, I had a client to meet with for help with his resume and job search, I was also planning to take my neighbor to the cemetery and at some point help my brother move something to his new apartment.  It was also another beautiful, hot and sunny spring day which would have and should have been spent outside playing with Sweetie.  NOPE! Following lunch we came home and there it all began.  I was receiving phone calls to help my resume writer friend with a client of his.  I had to figure out how to do one last thing for my client before meeting with him, and then it came.  "Uh, Mom.  Do we have Uncle's Shop Vac?"  "For your room-again."  What?  It wasn't raining at all and we don't flood that often anyway.  Being that I was otherwise engaged in several projects needing my immediate attention and Sweetie was jumping all over me crying, I didn't quite have any concern for what she was getting at.  I slowly got up, not wanting to stop my work for anything trivial.  I checked out my room as she screeched,  "The toilet or sewer are filling up your bedroom again!"  Yep, again.  WELCOME TO MY WORLD!  Being the second time this has happened in the three years we've lived here, this was far lighter than last time.  So here I was, Sweetie wanting and needing to get out, one client getting ready to meet with me within an hour, my resume friend calling and emailing for me to help immediately with his client, and now I needed to find the landlord-after his all-niter-to figure out this flood situation.  UGH!!!

Well, when these things happen, and when you're so used to these things happening in your life, you can do one of two things.  You can freak out and panic or cry, or you can just do everything possible to calmly take care of one thing at a time-while perhaps being in full panic mode on the inside, and fast forward with everything on the outside.  I don't have a choice, being a single mother with no support system to help, I have to do it all to the best of my ability.  Today is just one day in my life.  One of many very long, trying days I've lived and probably just one of many more to come.  So many people go through days like this and far worse.  My goal is to reach out and let those people know, someone really does understand.  You just gotta keep moving up and moving forward-it will get better!  As for what I actually did accomplish today-I did get to meet with my client after helping my friend with his, the bedroom is now bleached everywhere-even places that may not have needed it-just in case, the flood has been fixed (so the landlord says); my brother got his grill moved.  The cemetery, well it'll be there another day.  Sorry, Sweetie!  You're time will come for fun in the sun!  Let's hope tomorrow is the start to a peaceful, uneventful week!

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  1. O no, here's hoping you have a better week this week. I'm a single mom too, so totally get going into panic mode but staying calm on the outside. Welcome to the blogging world too.