Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day - Kick Off To Summer?!


Hmm,  on the calendar it shows today was Memorial Day.  Really?  Outside by our place it's been cloudy, cold and dreary.  Not even spring-like weather, much less summer!  I think we were supposed to get into the 60's for the high, but it certainly didn't feel like it, especially with the clouds and misty rain off and on.  I haven't grilled in years, but lately I've been looking forward to this weekend.  Although the plans of sitting out in the yard relaxing and playing with Sweetie and Kylie all day we destroyed, I was determined to make something work.  I salvaged my grilling plans by broiling shish kabobs for dinner and added my amazing garlic mashed potatoes with corn and added brussel sprouts to the side for added vitamins.  All in all, not the worst Memorial Day dinner ever!

 Other than dinner, my day was spent trying to accomplish some backed up cleaning/organizing of our home. This was all in an attempt to remain calm as the weather reports called for thunderstorms and the possibility of flooding at some point today or this evening.  Fortunately, nothing so far and I keep praying it will all go around us.  I don't see how I'd handle rain again anytime soon.  I was supposed to work too, but decided to take a rare, yet needed break.  I'll make it up, or pay for it, tomorrow - depending on how you look at it!

In recognition of this day's true meaning, I would like to thank all those who have served and currently serve to protect our country, people, and democracy.  I've had one brother in the air force in the '80's, a grandfather who served in WWII, a grandmother who helped the men from the home  front of WWII, and my dad served two terms in Korea - under the army and navy (pictures below).  Knowing how the war changed my dad from what my grandma explained, my heart goes out for not only the military members returning from war, but for their families as well.  Everyone truly is affected by war.  I never was very close to my dad, he was a violent alcoholic, again this person was who returned from the second term at Korea, my grandma told me.  War creates a new "club" with every battle.  Only those serving in particular areas and going through the trenches really know what's been going on.  They can share their stories and pictures, but to really "get it", you'd have to live it too.  Coming back to a nation and home town of people you've known your whole life must seem like a life now full of strangers since so much has changed in your mind, life and world.  As much as these men and women need to re-acclimate and move forward in their lives, I always hope they maintain some close friendships with those they've served with.  Everyone needs someone at times who understands what they've either been through or are going through or are about to go through, nobody needs this more than our military troops.

As this day comes to an end, just remember any service people you may know and take a moment to not only thank them (even silently if not with you), but to think about how their lives have been forever changed if they ever served in war times.  If they haven't, they're still the selected members of the "club" and have experiences that only fellow service people understand.

I hope you all have had a great Memorial Day, and with sunshine and warm air or cold and gloomy like a perfect Halloween, hold tight to the memories and if in troubled times, remember it could be worse and is sure to get better!

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