Saturday, May 18, 2013

Uugh! What Should I Name This Post, Sweetie?

Ever have a day that is all planned out, nothing can go wrong to spoil it in any way?  Then it all begins.  You head out-running late, but still take even that in stride.  Traffic's not too bad as you drive to an area you haven't been to in years on a route you've never taken, whew!  You manage to make it to your destination without being late by any means and you even find parking-yeah!  Get inside the site of the event you are destined to be at for the morning, having also dedicated most of the day to this activity-just in case...  As you walk inside, you look around, hmm - looks fairly empty and quiet.  Get further inside, take a look around, yep you're in the right place.  It turns out that you and your daughter are just about the only people who appeared to be attending this event and the vendors at the event were almost as scarce-few and limited in variety.  Seriously?!  I ever so carefully planned this day, and the sun was shinning, temps were warm for the morning, but still the cool breeze of spring in the air.  How could nobody be attending this event and where are all the vendors?  I could not believe this was a bust!  For one, having left late to begin with, arriving stress free was just short of a miracle in itself!

How do you handle a day that started off so crazy and ended up like an episode of "The Twilight Zone"?  Again, the sun was shinning and temps were promising for a potentially great day after all.  We went home, but not until first checking out the area a bit and making a couple of stops for relaxing lunch followed by ice cream-what could beat that?  Once back home we spent most of the rest of the day outside enjoying the beautiful spring day playing with our dog, Sweetie and her friend, Zuzia.  Sweetie's almost 5 years old, a bichapoo.  Zuzia is 2 years old, part terrier  described by her family as "all hillbilly"  having been found and brought home from a small town in one of the southern states!

When a day starts like this, the only thing to do is try to find the best way to salvage it with as much peace and happiness as possible!

I hope you find some sort of inspiration from this for the next time you have a day that starts out looking/feeling like it's a bust!

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